Thursday, May 16, 2002

Title: Stalking The Angel
Author: Robert Crais
Publisher: Orion

There is something about a private detective style story that works for me. It is a realisation that I have fairly recently found, coming through hybrid styled narratives (Glen Cook's books, Mick Farren's Exit Funtopia being the first to come to mind). There tends to be a certain easy going feel, an edge of humour that often appeals. Though there are certain rules to the genre, which seem to be fairly obvious, though in fact add a good amount of the charm to the system. Stalking The Angel falls into this category, Elvis Cole being an LA based PI with a case to solve and an untouchable woman to attract his interest - classic stuff.

It starts with a rich man and his beautiful personal assistant. A precious Japanese book has been stolen from his house, a book on loan and very significant to his partners. Following it up it is clear there is a lot of interest in the book, and soon there are special police divisions and yakuza for Cole to deal with. Then the client's daughter is kidnapped and things move up to another level all together.

Classic elements include the wise cracking PI and his tougher than anything else side kick, damsel in distress, insufferable client, gangsters, and the unobtainable dame. An easy going read, which is reasonably enjoyable for that.

May 2002

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